Palo Alto Investors employs twelve professionals at our offices in Palo Alto. At the center of our company is our experienced team of five research analysts who have extensive industry experience, market knowledge, and clinical expertise in the healthcare sector. The PAI research team has more than 65 years of collective investment experience.

I was a radiologist at Stanford in 1998 when unexpectedly, a friend asked me to fill in for an interview with the founder of Palo Alto Investors. At that first meeting, Will Edwards told me that at PAI I would find the truth. It was such a bold and preposterous claim, he had me hooked. While I continued to practice radiology, I started investing in health care at PAI. I am now the President and Managing Partner of Palo Alto Investors LP, where our team of practicing physicians run one of the biggest healthcare investment shops in the country. We make long-term investments for high-net-worth and institutional investors based on original, deep, fundamental research. We don’t rent stocks. We own them. Significant partner ownership in all of our funds aligns our financial interests with those of our clients.

At PAI we are committed to providing exemplary client service and maintaining the highest level of ethics, operational excellence, and professionalism.

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