National Academy of Medicine Grand Challenges Longevity Initiative

Aging & Longevity Grand Challenge

As the inaugural challenge in its Grand Challenges in Health and
Medicine initiative, the National Academy of Medicine will seek to
transform the future of human aging and longevity by catalyzing
innovation and progress.

Human beings are living longer than ever before, thanks to dramatic
advances in medicine, public health, and economic and social progress. Exciting innovations in science and technology have potential to improve quality of life as we age — and even extend the lifespan. As the world’s aging population approaches a tipping point, accompanied by unsustainable health care costs and social burden, it has never been more urgent to support the next breakthroughs in healthy aging.

Goals of the Challenge

The NAM’s Aging & Longevity Grand Challenge aims to:

  1. Advance the fields of healthy aging and human longevity research,
  2. Achieve
    significant improvement in human longevity and quality of life,
  3. Build an ecosystem of support by engaging entrepreneurs, policy
    makers, and the public.

The program, currently under development, will aim to inspire and
incubate transformative ideas through financial incentives, expert
guidance, and public engagement. Oversight for the program will be
provided by the NAM’s governing council, a design committee, and a
selection committee.