The Search for Immortality

Deploying their immense wealth, business and tech impresarios are investing in their next disruption: ending death.


On September 9, 2014, we announced the Palo Alto Prize, a $1M initiative to foster innovations that will ultimately help people live significantly healthier and longer lives as a result of better health. The initiative was designed to have two parts, a $500,000 Longevity Demonstration Prize and a $500,000 Homeostatic Capacity Prize.

The Scientific Quest to Cure Aging

It’s a pursuit that seems more like the plot of a science fiction movie than an actual goal of serious researchers around the world. But a number of scientists are fiercely working toward what was once only attainable in fables and fairy tales: they want to end aging.

After the Last Death: Doctors, Academics Debate the Possibility, Value of a 150-year Lifespan

“Every day 150,000 people die worldwide and the majority of them (are) due to age-related illness,” Yun, 46, said while seated in the boardroom of Palo Alto Investors LLC, an investment management company of which he is president. “We’ve got the technology to hack the aging code and end aging. Question is not ‘if’ but […]

The Anti-aging Combat of Silicon Valley

The billionaires of Silicon Valley have a new objective: to double our lifespans and combat ailments such as Parkinson’s and cancer. We’re talking about stem cells, genetics, viruses and nanorobots with investors and scientists who lead the search for the elixir of youth.

The Million Dollar Hunt That Will Stop Aging

$1 million dollars to break the aging process. That – and hopefully a longer life – is what is at stake when researchers around the world compete for the Palo Alto Longevity Prize. SvD met the people who search for the source of youth.